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66 manual drum brakes: add dual master cylinder, etc?

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I have several questions about my brakes (bear with me). I consider myself mechanically inclined and I've done the brakes before, so I plan on doing this work myself. When applying the brakes, the pedal is hard. It almost goes to the floor before stopping completely. It's manual drum brakes with a single master cylinder. It's been 10 years since any brake work has been done. The car is driven on a limited basis, but I'd like to drive it more often.

I'm going to replace the wheel cylinders, shoes, hardware, hoses/lines, and master cylinder (moisture/rust/old fluid). Should I replace the drums or just have them turned? Considering my limited budget, should I upgrade to disc brakes, power brakes, or a dual master cylinder? What is the best method to bleed the brakes using 1 person? What is bench bleeding and when is it required? Should I get stainless steel brake lines? What brand and supplier(s) should I look at for all these items? Any advice is welcome. Thanks.   

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to spend the money to upgrade to disk brakes or not.  That will cost you anywhere from a front disk brake conversion of about 700 bucks to several thousand depending on which route you take and how much work you do yourself.  You also have another alternative.  You can install a dual master cylinder so that if your front brakes go out you will still have back brakes.  You do that by replacing your single jelly jar MC with a 1967 Mustang dual MC that you can purchase at any Autozone.  If you want to know how to hook it up, get back.   


if you want to make it a DD go disc

heres a great buy on the kits  and it will give you the 2 bowl setup too

they have great reviews other than the instruction but its very straight forward and they have great customer service

Thanks for the info/advice. I have some photos at:

OK, now what is your question?  We know you have a 6 banger 4 bolt shoe brake system.  We have given you two choices.  Which way do you want to go? 


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