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66 manual drum brakes: add dual master cylinder, etc?

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OK, you have to buy two major things.  1. A dual bowl master cylinder for a 1967 Mustang.  This dual bowl will have two equal sized bowls.  If you decide to go with disk brakes later, you will use another bowl.  You can get that MC from Autozone or just about any parts place.  2.  Brake Master Cylinder single bowl to dual bowl conversion kit.  You get that from CJ Pony Parts.  It's on page 54 of their latest catalog.  Call them.  1-800-888-6473. 3.  One quart sized jug of dot 3 brake fluid and one small can.
Once you get the new parts, drain your old single jelly jar by using some old rags to soak up the fluid.  Be careful not to get this shit on your paint. 
Now, unscrew the line then unbolt the two bolts that are holding the bowl on.  You will be using that rod on your new MC so clean it up and save it.  Now, put your new dual master cylinder in the vice, and using the bench bleeding tubes that come with it, bench bleed the new MC.  Instructions will come with the new MC. 
Once the new MC is bench bled, go ahead and mount in in the car using the old rod.  Once the two bolts are snug, then here is where you are going to have to do some alterations.  Be sure you have a double flare tool and a line cutter.  The lines on the kit are too long, so you have to cut them and re-flare them.  All of the correct fittings come with the kit except for one.  That is a collar that connects the rear line.  The two lines are both male. but the collar is both ffemale.  The collar can be picked up a parts place.  It is 3/16" in size.
Here are a couple of pictures of mine for reference.  Notice that you use your original distribution block, and plug one of the rear line holes with the plug that comes with the kit.  Now bleed your brakes all the way around.  If you need help with that, get back. Good luck with it.  If you run into trouble, get back. 


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