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66 GT rebuild Upgrades

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Also look at upgrading to a dual reservoir master cylinder along with at least front disc brakes. That will give you better stopping power and the added safety of splitting the front and rear brake reservoirs. So that is in case of brake line failure either the rears or front brakes will work. I should know since my rear brake line failed one time when I hit the brakes. If it had not been for the dual res master cylinder I would have emptied all of my brake fluid out through the hole, and would not have been able to stop my stang in time from plowing into a Caddy Escalade.


BTW I used the SSBC front brake drum to disc conversion kit. I got it from California Mustangs back in '00.
Here is the link to the current kit:

I can agree with the dual master cylinder upgrade.  I did that on my 65 along with the monte carlo bar and export brace.  I didn't upgrade to the front disk brakes, because I stop just fine.  You just have to know how to drive these old cars. 

Oh I agree that disc brakes are not necessary, but if you are going for higher performance or alot of long distance cruising they are real nice. I figured that out on a trip to South Lake Tahoe when a coyote ran out in fron of my near the top of Echo Summit. I was going 55-ish and had to suddenly slam on my brakes so I didn't plow into the coyote. With my old drum brakes (which were in very good condition BTW) I doubt I would have stopped in time, but with my nice disc brakes I stopped with plenty of room to spare. I suprised my friend who is a big mopar fan with how quickly the car stopped. By the way I stopped 10 feet shy of the coyote and it ran off into the wilderness, but not before I noticed that it was totally white...


We hear stories like that all the time.   My original brakes have been working just fine for almost 50 years now.  You just have to keep them current.   


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