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66 gauges not working


Ok, a couple of weeks ago i started the car and the fule, oil, and temp gauges pegged all the way to the right. when turned the car off, about 5 seconds later they all went back to the left. So i searched that question on ebay, and it all came back to the constant voltage regulator behind the dash. So ordered the part from cjpony parts. Removed the rallypac, pulled out the dash, and there it was. Removed the screw holding the regulator and the ground. Replaced it, plugged in the male and female. put it all back, connected the battery, started and... the fuel gauge went to about 3/4 of the way and then started jumping to half and back and forth. Oil is stuck all the way to the right, and temp is to the left and did not move. So i drove the car on the expressway at about 70. fuel gauge kept jumping, temp wanted to move to the right, and no life on the oil gauge. 20 minutes into the drive, fuel and temp gauges went all the way to the left and stayed there. no life still from the oil gauge??? bad new part??? did all my gauges go bad as well??? Thank you

My guages were working in my 69 coupe then they all stopped working except the speedometer. I ordered a instrument cluster relay and put it in tonight. The guages worked again but where the wires plug into the circuit board they are not tight and they stopped working. I pushed the wiring harness in and they worked again so I put the dash and everything back togeather but I think I need a new circuit board to be sure the wiring harness makes good contact with the circuit board. Anyway I'm ordering a new circuit board and bulbs to replace all bulbs in my dash. You might need a new circuit board for your car. After 40 years they are pretty worn with heat and time.

Rather than type everything out I'll do it the Easy way,  I'll just send you to a web site... hehehe hope it works for you This gal know her stuff about the old Mustangs she has lots of info on her blog and very friendly always willing to help a mustanger

Veronica is a friend of mine from Houston, and yes, she is quite knowledgable about the classic Mustangs.  She put a big block in her 65, and that sucker really moves. 


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