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66 fuel gauge resistance


Hi all,

I'm very disappointed about my new gauge for my 66 GT convertible.
I tested it in all way outside the fuel tank and the gauge on the dash move well from E to F.

Inside... the gauge don't move before 30 liters and stop to the middle with the fuel tank full.
The wiring is perfect, no resistance.

I heard about bend the spindle to adapt to the fuel tank, is it really the way to fix this problem?


Yes, it is possible to bend the rod but it has to be bent between the variable resistor and the stop rather than between the stop and the float.

It's possible that the arm is binding inside the tank so it can't move through it's full range of motion.  It's also possible that the float has a small hole that let some fuel in it so it no longer floats on top of the fuel.  Of course, it's also important that the sender assembly is the correct one for the tank and that it's installed correctly.


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