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66 fastback shaking

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the car shakes really bad when i take off or release the clutch in first gear.the person i bought the car from said he installed a new clutch before i bougth the car. need help

clutch chatter, i wonder if he machined the flywheel when he replaced the clutch?

Don A:
Have you checked the mounts?  That would be step one.

Clutch chatter or loose mounts will cause that, but also if he put in a heavy duty clutch plate, that has stronger springs and immediately grabs the flywheel instead of slowly doing it.  Check the mounts first, then if they are good to go, you are going to have to pull the tranny and check the clutch plate and flywheel. 

thanks for everyones help. I think it time to put the t5 in with new clutch and pp


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