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66 coupe transmission rebuild


We just bought a 66 coupe for our son as a daily driver car.  The previous owner drove it 2000 miles in 8 years and had been slowly restoring it.  It seemed to be in good condition when we bought it.  It had a transmission & master cylinder leek. We had to have the transmission, carburetor and master cylinder rebuilt.  We drove it 25 miles the first day after the rebuilds, the next day drove it across town about 5 miles and it started smoking or steaming from the passenger front wheel well.  We pulled over and it dropped at least 3 quarts or so of transmission fluid and a little antifreeze.  It was towed back to the transmission shop the same day.  The transmission guy said all the fluids were full and he can't see a problem.  Any thoughts on what may have happened or what we should have checked?  The mechanic says the engine sounds and looks fine.  Thanks in advance.

This is an automatic transmission, right?  If so, there are lines that carry transmission fluid from the passenger's side of the transmission to the radiator and back to cool the fluid.  There is a bottom section of the radiator dedicated to cooling this fluid.  It's possible that the radiator is giving up the ghost but it could also be a leaking line. 

It's also possible that the transmission was overfilled after it was rebuilt and the excess fluid came out the vent and/or the dipstick tube.  If the transmission fluid level is correct (checked with the engine running and warmed) and the coolant appears clean and at the right level (should be just covering the fins in the radiator), then it should be OK to continue driving it on short trips until you determine whether the issue recurs.


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