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66 coupe holes for grease fittings in wheel wells!

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Yep my mistake it is the shock towers, sorry. Thanks for you responses gents. I sure dont want to do any welding, these holes must have been in there for at least 30 years so dont think the strength is in question, I just wanted it to look fairly decent under the hood. Thanks again.


If you are willing to live with those holes, then so be it.  At least you are aware of the procedure of how to repair the damage if you so desire.

Thanks once again Soaring and Jim, sorry for not wanting to be a purest, I just thought there was some kind of plug that was common for this problem. Well at least I am not a "first time poster" now. Thanks again and you are right if some day I want to repair the damage, I know how.


its sucks to look at :( but personally id rather have it fixed


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