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66 carb prob? Something else?????????

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Jim now has a beer icon at the bottom of his avatar.  Say thank you Thierrry.   ;D

Do 66's have a trunk release mechanism?  My 65 doesn't.  If so, is it cable or electric? 

Trunk releases were a dealer option for 64 thru 66 Mustangs although I don't know when they were first offered. The reproductions are close to the original. There was a lever along side the drivers seat with a cable to the lid. It was supposed to work with all body styles but the lever would interfere with both types of seat belt retractors and with the extra body metal on convertibles next to the seat. There is an electric aftermarket type out but I've not seen one installed.

Yes, the lever does get in the way of the set belt. This one NOS with instructions and box sold on Ebay this week for $156. I think too much when you can get a scott drake part for around $50.

I don't even see why you would need one.  My key works just fine.  ;D


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