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66' power steering slave cylinder bracket


Help needed. The PS cylinder bracket I removed from the 66' I am restoring was painted this gold color (see pic).  I have read in some places the bracket should be the natural cast iron, while elsewhere I have seen some say it should be "painted."  It is not clear from the MCA rules whether black or natural is for the pump bracket or cylinder bracket.  It reads:
Power Steering:
Semi-Gloss Black or Natural Components: Bracket, Eaton pump body. 64 remote reservoir black with natural top. Other canisters, black or teal blue. Front of pump matches reservoir.
Natural Components: 64-65 Non-A/C Eaton pump reservoir (silver) and spacer. Natural paint may be used as long as part retains original appearance.

Can anyone tell me what the bracket should look like?  Thanks.   Bob

You will probably get the best answer if you post your question here:


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