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Has anyone out there installed the factory speaker grills and aftermarket speakers in their doors?

I'm a bit confused.  I bought the aftermarket 4x6" speakers sold by all the vendors and also the factory speaker grills.  Before cutting the doors, I have been studying exactly where to cut and how big an oval to cut.  It's the size of the oval that bothers me.  It seems that the size of the oval is bigger top to bottom than the height of the speaker grill (top to bottom).  It doesn't make sense to me to cut a smaller hole in the door for the oval so that a portion of the speaker is covered by the sheet metal of the door.  I hope I'm making sense....Any advice or input?

Also, Can you tell me exactly where the speakers grills are on the door in inches from the bottom and front of the door?

One more thing. Has anyone tried the duel cone speakers that fit in the original top of dash speaker area?  Do they sound ok?  I am thinking of using the duel cone and 2 speakers on the rear package tray.  Then I don't have to mess with cutting the doors...
Thanks in advance!


I have a 65 with only one speaker in the top of the dash.  Does your 66 have door speakers installed from the factory? 

Hi Soaring,

Last night, I came to the conclusion. not to cut the doors.  I'm going to make it easy on myself and just add a duel cone in the original dash space and 2 - 6x9's in the package tray. I REALLY don't want to cut the doors.  I am the 2nd owner of this pristine mustang and it was killing me to think of cutting anything...
Thanks again for all your help.  I am curious, how do you know so much about these cars? I've read so many other posts from you and your knowledge base is outstanding!

Today my job is to get the rear qtr window unstuck and / or repaired.  I took the side panel off and found several window parts on the floor! Now I have to figure all that out.


A better way is to get kick panel speakers for the front. I got them on my 66 hardtop with a pair of 6X9 speakers in the package tray in the back. The replacement stereo speakers for the center do not have seperation or any type of good frequency response.

Yeah Mitch, I have the dual cone dash speaker.  I put it in about a year ago, and it sounds 50 times better than the old single cone one did.  I also put a pair of speakers  in the package tray, but since I have the original AM radio, the radio was not strong enough to make them work, so I had to build another package tray.   ;D  I am looking to keep my 65 as original as possible, and yet have  a few mechanical upgrades.  I have a Monte Carlo bar, and Export brace, a 4 row radiator  an overflow tank and Mag 500's.  Other than that, she's stock.  I don't see how anybody gets by with the stock two row radiator.  Mine used to heat up like a sumbitch until I switched to the 4 row. 
If you have a modern radio with some power, then get the kick panel's that have a speaker cutout in them, and go ahead and cut your package tray and put some smaller speakers back there.  The 6X9's won't fit in the metal holes back there.  I forgot what size mine were, but they were round and not oval.  Maybe 6X6 ? ???


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