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6500 Miles, to good to be true??


I am looking at a 65 mustang and the gage says it only has 6500 miles, is there any way i can tell if this is true or not. Symptoms, wear, ect.??

are all the #s lined up striaght all across? There are still finds out there. look in the glovebox for registration papers.

You ncould do a CARFAX .well just kiding,sorry had too.
if any of the #'s are not striaght its been roled over. if the 1st number is not lined means 100k, 2nd so .on so on.

what the story on the car ,how much,body shape. the owners story. but I would not trust it unless he has proof.

He wants it for 3000.
- The good: He put in a new interior, new gas tank, new readiator, the carborator was just rebuilt. Original paint job look great. Typical rust.
- The bad: The passanger door hinge is broken so whenever you open the door it increases a nice dent. The back bumper is dented, and the stearing wheel needs to be replaced.
- The ugly: The color indetification number is missing. It skips streight to the trim symbol. I think there should be an "O" there for tropical touqouise. IDK.

I know when i bought my car the odometer only read 88,000 + miles but when i had the mechanic look over the car for major problems he said it had 188,000 miles

Wow!! wish mine had all that for the money I paid. I would say get it in a heartbeat whether it is 6000 or 106000 miles or 206000 miles cause you would probably want to rebuild and upgrade the drivetrain anyhow.


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