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65 Power steering return hose


There is a leak in the hose, right next to where the hose connects to a *yellowish connector* (see photo). It looks like replacing this may be a problem for me due to the various bends in the metal line that continues past the *yellowish connector* - the hoses available online don't look like they have the same bends, and knowing myself I am sure to destroy the line while trying to rebend it.  I am not familiar with these *yellowish connectors* - is this something I can pull the existing hose out of, so that I can replace just the hose, or is this all one inseparable unit that I must replace as a whole - metal line, connector and all. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

That looks like a crimped-on fitting - you have to cut it to disassemble it so no, it's not something that is easily taken apart.  If you have a hydraulic store (or a large agricultural equipment dealer) near you they can make a new hose for you.  You should also be able to get a replacement hose from a local auto parts store (O'Reilly, etc.).  If you are unsure about fit just ask if the hose is returnable if it does not fit or take your hose in with you to confirm that the replacement matches.  If you are not worried about keeping the car completely stock and since this is the return hose and sees minimal pressure, you could also cut the crimp-on connector off of the hard line, remove the leaking rubber hose, slide the appropriate length of replacement hose (from you local auto parts store) over the end of the hard line and use a hose clamp to attach the new rubber line to the hard line.

I'm glad I asked about this. Your suggestion to cut the hard line and replace the rubber hose sounds like a winner. I will post the result. Thanks for your help, @Topless_Horse.

Update: I performed this operation with the hose in place. I cut the hose from the hard line using a hacksaw blade. After clamping the new hose to the line, I took the opportunity to flush out the pump into a gallon milk jug while pouring new fluid into the can. This repair was a success. Thanks again for the advice.


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