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65 mustang conv seatbelts


Hi all,
 I just bought a classic mustang (yahoo) There is no seatbelts in the back seats. Could I easly add them so I can have my whole family in the vehicle enjoying the brisk northern breeze?

Rear seat belts on a 1965 Mustang were optional, that's why you don't have any. There may be the threaded inserts installed but if not, by looking at a 66 hardtop or convertible with the rear seat removed, you can see where the mounting bolts go. Depending on your ultimate goal for your car (daily driver, occasional driver or concourse restoration), belts can be found on e-bay, Craig's List or almost all mail order Mustang stores. There is a seat belt speciality business that you may want to try. They are expensive but provide a quality product.  If you go for an inexpensive setup, be advised that stock belts have an angled mounting bracket on the outside to fit around the edge of the seat.

I was just concerned about my little girl. I bought the car for family fun and was concerned about her beening not in a seatbelt. In canada its been law for as long as I can remeber so I have had the habbit of putting them on. I called the local police and they said on a classic car its not required to have seatbelts. Just like I said it was a safety issue for my wife. We discussed the issue and decide that the little one gets front seat with me. LOL.

Thanks for replying. Since I have just bought the car I will be on learning how to keep it in top shape. Look forward to talking again

Definitely install them. I have had three 65 convertibles, and only one had the rear belts. I installed them in the other two. Most 65's have a single reservoir master cylinder, so if the brakes ever go on your car (hopefully never!!) you want to be buckled up.

With belts available on ebay, it is easy to do. Peel back the carpet and see if you have the mounting holes, in which case it is just a matter or screwing them in (otherwise it's an easy drill and fasten using oversize washers).

Dave in Boston

Think about it.  In case of a roll over in a 65 convertible, which part of your body is above the trunk level?  That's right, your head.  If you stay in the car, you will be decapitated in case of a roll over.  Now, since a small child's head is below the trunk level, they could survive a roll over if they are properly strapped in.  That calls for a three point hookup.  Now, start researching how to install a three point hookup seat belt in the rear seat, and get a roll bar installed. 


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