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65 Mustang build date

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Can anyone help me with a build date of best guess on a time frame for my recently acquired basket case 65 coupe? The VIN is 5R07C209597. Thanks in advance

The scheduled built date should be about April 12, 1965 according to the Mustang Production Guide, Vol 1. It may as many as 5 days different either way, but that is as close as I can get. Oh, and it's Monday.

The build date is not in the warranty number.  Get the numbers above the warranty number to determine color, body style, build date, etc., 

this vehicle has no door data plate. it has the stamped VIN numbers on both right and left fender aprons. From what i can tell it is a 65 white exterior, red standard interior, 289-2V, auto car. I was hoping for information on a build date, at least a ball park one, to check for originality of the engine and transmission as they appear to be original to the car.

Without a door tag or at least a buck tag, it will be near impossible to determine the exact  build date.  And, you can never prove the engine and transmission are original because there were no numbers matching cars in 66.  I would use Jim's guesstimation for the build date. 


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