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65' Seat Belt Install

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How do you get too the nut for the seat belt mount.........or is there a threaded piece welded on the backside (underside) of the floor? 

It has been a few years since I removed/reinstalled mine, but as I recall they just threaded into the floorboard (I am sure there is a plate or something welded to the underside of the floorboards).  Also, I remember seeing the threads coming through the bottom side of the floorboards when i was just under there replacing the rear springs.

I do not think there are any bolts on the underside of the vehicle.

I can tell you on my 67 the seat belts just bolt from the top into the floor boards, As for the bucket seats they unbolt from under the car....


Heavy is right.  If you also want to know where they are located under your carpet, here are pics of where they are on my '65.

Have the seats in Yeller been re-covered? I am getting ready to do mine, just curious if you can recommend a good company to buy them from?



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