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5 speed transmission en route

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I've had some transmission problems since I got the car.  I had thought they were shifter related and partially they were, but once the transmission was out we could see that it had some wear in the case and the internal shift rods.

I had been planning on just replacing the bad parts, but as it turns out the 1973 toploader is a little different than the earlier models and parts availability is scarce.

I've gotten in touch with Keisler Engineering and after a long discussion I've ordered a modified T45 with all the necessary hardware to install it into my 73 Mustang Mach 1

I had initially thought a TKO 600 would be in order, but this route saves me from replacing my clutch which is only a few months old and is over a $1,000.00 cheaper.

So, if anyone is interested in the results, I'll post up a review, pictures and my thoughts when it is all done.  A .67 overdrive 5th gear will make cruising on the interstate practical and the deep 3.37:1 1st gear ratio should get me on my powerband faster as well as allowing wheelspin at will. :D

Yeah, let us know how it works after you get it installed. 

Interesting choice. Can't wait to see it finished.

I agree.  I was considering the TKO 500 or 600 but would have had to change my clutch and had some reservations about the shifting difficulties that have been reported with the TKO series of transmissions.  I also briefly considered the T56 6 speed, but determined that the extra gear really only would benefit me if I was going to be doing a lot of very high speed driving where the gap between a 1:1 4th speed ratio and the final OD ratio would be an issue, but the reality is these cars are not aerodynamic and do not have suspensions that lend themselves to safe driving at speeds where that would matter.

The T45 should be the lightest of the bunch and should provide the best fit without having to replace the clutch.  Internally the TKO series is based on this transmission and they share many of the same hard parts.  Keisler's reengineering has gotten some good reviews.

I hope it is the right choice and will share my experiences when I have it done.  I am told I should have the transmission in about 2 weeks, and it should be installed and ready for some testing a few days thereafter.

I may scan the install manual and try and get some pictures of the install so I can post them up for reference.

At $2,700.00 it seems a good deal for everything shipped and with tax (since Keisler and I are in the same state :( )  A rebuilt toploader would have been $2000.00 plus shipping, so money wise it was almost a wash.

I replaced the old Tremec in my old F-150, and it cost me 2,300 bux.  So, sounds like you got a good deal. 


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