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5 speed transmission en route

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Tim, I kept the linkage bone stock except for a heavier spring on the Z bar.  Heavy pedal effort, but it just feels right in the car.  I am using an 11" Dual friction Centerforce centrifugal clutch.  It has been a very nice unit so far.  If you need a picture of the z bar linkage, I'll try and crawl under the car and take a few pics tomorrow.

I am heading for the shower after putting up some sheathing and siding on the front of the garage.  I am about 4 or 5 hours away from having the garage ready to hang the door.

I am going to let someone else do that though and add a garage door opener at the outset.

The biggest problem im having is that i cannot find a Cleveland clutch fork (im assuming they have their own) i had a 10" that was sold to me that was wrong. So i bought an 11" that is still wrong but it is closer so im trying to get this all set up. If you could take some pics that would be great, i just need like 1 of the set up and it should help me tremendously, thanks a lot.

It's wise that you have a pro hang the garage door.  They use a special tool to wind up that big assed spring.

Finally some bad pictures


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