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429 over heating

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 soaring -   i fogot to add that i was going to check into the fuel mixture to see if maybe it was lean, i did check timing and that seemed good

If the timing is too far advanced it will tend to overheat, but if you are not advanced too much, then that is not the problem. 

sorry its been a while, but I wanted to let you know what i found out.  I have replaced the two fans (perma-cool) i purchased first with ones (spal) i was refered to. my original fans were supposed to move 3000cfm @ 7 amps a piece and the new ones are rated at 1630cfm @20 amps a piece.  Was told by a few fan reps that industry standard is about 1000cfm per 10 amps otherwise motors are to weak and cant move enough air. new fans move almost twice as much air thru the radiator than the old ones. Spal actaully derates thier numbers and they said they will move close to 2000 cfm. the last thing i found was that the carb was running lean above 2000 rpms, i took that in and had it redone and it is smooth now. It was 85 gegrees outside on saturday here and it ran at 190 on the highway at 65 mph, i pulled off right to a stop light and it went up to 205, both fans came on and it was about a minute  before it was back at 190  Thanks for all the ideas and help,  hopefully my experieces will help someone else. 

I'm glad you got her cooled down, and that the fans are working.  Man, that 429 will be singing your praises.   ;D


--- Quote from: h70mach1 on July 14, 2008, 11:59:11 AM ---...the new ones are rated at 1630cfm @20 amps a piece. 

--- End quote ---

Yikes!  I didn't realize electric fans were that much of a current draw.  Have you upgraded your alternator?  (Weren't stock alternators ~60amps?)  If not, keep an eye on your charging system. 

I would guess that the fans are most likely to kick in when the engine is only idling (and the alternator isn't juicing optimally).  Nobody likes dead batteries...



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