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429 over heating

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I am new here but have read some questions before and seen some good answers to peoples questions so i thought i would try.   
   I have a 70 mach 1 that i installed a 1970 429 into, the problem is i tend to overheat in stop and go traffic on hot days (above 75 degrees outside). If i stay moving it runs about 190-195 with a 180 degree thermostat.
   I installed an aluminum radiator, water wetter, and have changed thermostats, 160, 180, 195.  the 180 seems the best.  the radiator is a stock size and does seem to help. I also installed two electric fans side by side.  Both 12" and they are pushers (no room in the engine bay to mount).
    The big questions i have are,                             1. Has anyone ever had this problem?
2. Any recomendations on good elec. fans?
    (was told this weekend that the ones i bought are junk fans and should be thrown away,  they are  perma-cool)
3. Any other good tricks or ideas that i might have missed?

    Any info or ideas would be appreciated (starting to hate the fact that i cant drive it as much as i want)     
                      thanks for reading

Sorry it took so long to get back.  Here is a Mustang Monthly article on how to install a puller electric fan.
I know that big 429 is stuffed in there, but maybe this will work.  If not, then I would go with a 6 blade fan with a shroud.   Hell, with a 429 you aren't going to be worrying about gas mileage anyway.  I haven't heard any positive comments about push fans.  There is nothing better than the 70 MPH air to be used as the push, then the pull fan on the engine with the shroud to get the efficiency you need.  Now, are you sure that aluminum rad is clean?  If it is old, it could be clogged up with calcium deposits.  Only use distilled water.  You are right about that 180 thermostat being the best.   

thanks for answering,    yes the radiator is clean i just bought it this winter and just put it in with distilled water.. I wanted to use pullers unfortunatly no room, I even took my fans off today and tried again to find a way to use them as pullers.  I had a flex fan on there the only problem was no air flow at idle and i would get hot at shows on hot days.

Take your radiator cap off and jack up the front of the car.  Turn the engine on and allow the temp to get up to operating temp.  Let the bubbles escape for a long time.  Keep adding a mixture of 50-50 fluid until the level remains at the top of the rad, then cap it.  That will burp your system.  Now make sure you have a 13 pound cap, and an overflow tank.  Since you can't fit a fan in front of the engine between it and the radiator, your only decision would be to move the radiator support forward.  Do you have a welder and know how to use it?   

thanks for the idea i am going to try that in a couple of days when i can really work on it.  ya i allready looked at the radiator cap a few times.  yes i do have a welder and know how to use it, just a little low on drive during the summer but a possibility for the winter


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