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3speed to automatic 6 cyl


Im building a 65 convertible with 6cyl for my wife. Its a 3sp. she wants an automatic. will an 8 cyl automatic tranny and bell housing match up? I have three of them sitting around. thanx, Matt ???

From what I understand, a C4 auto tranny came in at least 2 versions back then, and it had to do with the number of clutches.  The V8 version had something like 5 and the I6 version has something like 4.  At any rate, here is a site for you to research.  I do believe that the bellhousing is a 6 bolt on both the I6 version and the V8 version in 1965.  This should be able to answer your questions. If not, then report it to a moderator.  ;D

When I did my 3 speed to auto conversion I used a V8 C4 trans  :).  The only change was to use a 65/66 bell housing as the starter mounts high on the I6.  In 67  ???  and latter it mount the same as the V8.


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