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351c fuel pump help


hello, i have a stupid question. i've put many fuel pumps on chevy engines, i am trying to put one on a 351c and cant find the sliding piston to lift out of the way to fit the arm of the pump under.  when i place the pump into position, it will go almost all the way in, but stops about an eight of an inch short of flush. when i feel inside, all i feel is a roller type thing which just rolls, but i dont think is in the way.  any tips. thanks in advance./

Hey BRO make sure it is the right one sometimes they screw up and give you the 302 and that might be why you cannot get it in but if not then you might want to reach in and try to grap that Roller ball and see if it will come out or slid up in there and that should solve your problems. STANG OUT


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