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351C Flexplate balance weight?


I have a '69 fastback with a '73 351c 4 bolt main with a FMX transmission that was just rebuild and has a new harmonic balancer and a new flexplate but the car has some vibration when you raise the rpm's and it feels out of balance. I suspect the flexplate and would like to know if there are different weights for 351c engines and what is the correct one.

I have a toploader so I have no experiance with flex plates to offer though I did have a vibration issue and it ended up being the snout on the crank was damaged. If when installing the damper the keyway is not aligned just righ it can slip and cause the damper to wobble. Id look at that damper and make sure its on there good. you can get you Cleveland questions answed here
Best all cleveland board there is..

Whoops didnt see the date on theis one..

Yeah, I guess we need to clean up some of these 4 year old topics.  It's a good question though, huh?   ;D

the clevelands are 28oz balance


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