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351 windsor


I have a 70 fastback with a 302 and would like to switch the engine with a 1985 Windsor, Iím told that a 1969 Windsor distributor will work instead of the electronic distributor that came with the 351 Windsor, I would like to know for sure if the switch will work,

Jerry Baker:
Well I have the windsor in mine but its the 69 and I wish I could answer that question but I dont know.  My 70 has a 429 and it had a new electronic Distributor put in it.  but its not as new as your motor.  We have a few guys on here that I know will have a answer for you or will know were to find it.

Jerry Baker:
you have any pics of your car you can post for us

yes you can  change the distribitors. but why would you. you will get better realibalty with electronic no more points and condinser but you can put the petronix ignitor kit that cost 75 bucks. but you can always take both units out and look at the gears and count the teeth and the lenght of the shaft to make sure.


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