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351 Windsor 4V & 2V- Same CAM?


I currently have a 351W 2V, manufactured in October 1969.

Up until recently I thought all 351 4V's were Cleveland.  I still have my doubts as I have an original 1970 Ford Shop Manual and I can find nothing regarding a 351W 4V.   Obviously, shop manuals are not perfect, but it sure seems a large thing to miss.

Be that as it may, the information I have indicates the 351W 4V used the same stock head as a 351W 2v.  So, I am curious if the camshaft is spec the same.  Again, I have a camshaft spec in my shop manual for a 351 2V, but nothing for a 4v.

Also, if someone knows where I can get a stock 351W 4v manifold, that would be greatly appreciated.

While there is quite a bit of talk about the Cleavland 2v / 4v... you don't seem to hear much about the Windsor... from what I have read on other boards, there is differences in the cam, comp ratio, heads (in the quench area) and of course the manifold.  I do not know first hand yet... I do have a 351 2v and a 351 4v but haven't had time to tear them down and compare parts yet..... soon though
I will be watching this thread to see what others have to say about them

sorry to tell you but the 351 Windsor 4 valve is NOT a cleavland head, two totaly different heads, although you can have a cleavland head machined to fit your needs, and would breathe like you wouldnt belive


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