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another. like my carb and manifold combo. It was my wifes X-mas present last year.

Jerry Baker:
I want to thank you all I think I have the 351 cleveland, but I will go to the paint shop Friday and do some counting, and looking.

You are about the best bunch of people I have meet on the internet, since I have asked this same question for about 5 years now and just now got a answer.


I will post pic of my motor when I get back

your very welcome. if your interested i got the edelbrock manifold and 600 cfm carb for 425. i got if P.A.W.
If you need anything else just post it and we will come

I'm glad we could help. Racedraper, your pictures were very usefull.

I just found an interesting website about the 351 Cleveland. There is good chances your engine is a Windsor or it was replaced later as they started the production of this engine in 1970.


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