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Jerry Baker:
ok guys i went to the body shop today and yes its the winsdor 4v  ( m code ).  But thanks guys for all the help i counted the value cover bolts and it had 6.

somethimes I wish I had a windser, only because you can find alot of bolt ons unlike a cleveland and when you do find something there expensive. As for valve covers there are only two choices out there chrome or stockers.

Jerry Baker:
Oh ya I have seen that already.  My wife has a 1970 fastback with a 429, I cant find anything to dress it up with and in all the books you find the big blocks are just left out.  Some one needs to start a company for the big block fords, that would make a killling.

Jerry Baker:
Oh I never did send the photo of my 351 4v Wins.

She needs alot of cleaning but she runs well very well

It might need some cleaning for some but that's an engine that lived and lives, not a queen trailer  :-D
Not that I have anything against them but cars where concieved to be driven and not only to be exposed


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