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351 C 2V pics?

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Hi, I'm dressing up my 351 C 2v at the minute and am in the process of putting it back together. Not very mechanically minded, I took pics if the job put unfortunatly not very clear ones where the power steering pump is concerned, I cant figure out which way the bracket sits. Would anyone have a pic of the front of their 351 with the rad shroud/ fan etc removed. I know, a really dumba*s question, but I'm stuck here and don't want to chance damaging anything.

hope this workes here is my cleveland. my air condition is in the way.

I had to take a second look at your pic ,I thought it was my motor.. Ill take more pics of my motor if you want to show what I have done to mine so far..

still a little dusty from sanding . I polished the air cleaner with a drimel but I need to use a bigger wheel,then I painted to inside and valve cover with ford blue engine paint. I guess It looks okay.

im thinking when I rebuild the motor that Ill paint it to match the exterior paint. even the inner wells too.


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