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347 stroker?

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see thats the thing though, I've talked to the guys at napa and a private machine shop and they both told me I will have enough clearance for everything. I'm also not going to  spend money buying a 302 block when the 289 block is virtually the same.

I've thrown away several 'good' 302 blocks because they are a lot around. On the other hand, a 289 block is relatively rare as the 6 bolt version was only used from 1965 to 1968. If that 289 block has a casting part number of C5AE-6015-E and a date code with the year of either 1965 or 1966, it may be more valuable than you realize.

If I could find someone to buy it would it be enough to buy a 302 block? It's bored out .040 .

BTW looked up casting number its C5AE-6015-C and I'm pretty sure it's a 66


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