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302 rocker adjustment problems

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hi everyone, i'm new here and i live in the uk.I am having some real problems with a 302 engine in my sierra xr8 (merkur built in south africa for racing) i recently pulled the motor to swap for a different one i had stored to allow me to rebuild the origional , i have been told it is a 1968 motor. The motor had been dismantled and re assembled by an engine builder for the previous owner as he had it as a spare for his gt40. I got the motor into my car and got it started but the rockers were making one hell of a noise. I pulled the covers off and found that the rockers needed adjusting, i assume the engine builder couldn't do it because the followers needed some oil in them. I had run the motor so i proceeded to adjust them . They were still not right as when i started some of the rockers had jumped off of the valves. I did them again and the same thing happened. Everytime i did them, ran the motor then checked them they had chaged and i could not get them right. In the end i did them with the motor running and seemed to had cracked it, i just wound them back untill the normal clacking sound turned into a louder tap then wound it in, i did this to all of the right hand bank then an extra half a turn, seemed to solve the problem appart from if i nail the motor a bit one of the rockers gets noisey then gradually quietens down? the left hand bank of cylinders seems to be fine and requires no further adjustment!!!! can anyone help me, thanks, Paul, ps i also own a 66 coupe!

The rockers in the 302 should be hydraulic and not need adjustment if there is no wear.  My suspicion is that you need to replace the rockers with new ones that aren't worn out. 

I realise that, but the slack does need to be taken up and then wound down a further 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. I have followed this to the letter and still found them to be too loose. I have checked them for wear and everything seems to be ok. that's why i am at a bit of a loss. These motors are a bit new to me as we only have punny 4 bangers or at best a v6. Your v8's are so simple to work on wich is why i am a bit concerned i am having so many problems with it.

OK, here is a "how to" article.  Check it over and see if you have followed these procedures.

i read the article and its basicaly what i've done, i used a book called "how to rebuild small block fords" it does show a sequence to do it when you only need to index the crank 3 times. i have checked, double checked and tripple checked it, thats why i rsorted to doing it while running, seemed to be the best way so far! what really gets me is that it is only on the right hand bank of cylinders???
could the rocker studs be pulling out of the head? what keeps them in?


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