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289 won't start - help!

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Welp it looks like it was a gas thing, though it's still up in the air if it's water or loose filter screen or what.

To test out the theory that the gas had water in it, I simply added some gas to the tank and sloshed it good. The theory being that with the water thoroughly mixed with the gas, it would be a low enough percentage that the engine would run.

And voi la, it starts.

Thanks for the help guys!

OK, but if it still has water in the tank, you are going to get a hick-up on the highway that is very irritating.  If I were you, I would drain the whole tank and fill it with fresh gas. 

there are chemicals mainly industrial alcohol that will allow the burning of water. That really what fuel stabilizers are. At least get one of those. 

Turns out I don't have a drain plug, so draining the tank would be quite a messy chore. I'll try to find a stabilizer or similar and see if that keeps it running good. If not, I'll see my shop would be willing to drain it.

If you are serious about draining it, the straps are held on only by a few bolts.    Turn that sucker over and drain it from the filler tube.  If it was mine, I'd get all that old varnish and water completely out of there. 


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