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289 upgrade


don wilpula:
Here's some of my latest updates for my 65 Fastback:
I have installed 1.9" int, 1.6" ex valves, with Lunati roller rockers. Topped off with cast aluminum "Cobra" valve covers. Heads and maniflod are port matched. The heads completely ported...actually flow better than a set of GT-40 heads.
Changed the cam to a Crane hydraulic flat tappet energizer with .498" lift
Changed to a Weiand Stealth manifold.
Bore: is .030" over with TRW forged aluminum piston and gapless cast iron street rings.

On the list of things to do tis winter is....a 5 speed conversion and install disc brakes.

Oh! did I mention...first 1/4 mi: 107mph@12.4 using a 50/50 mix of Turbo-Blue and Sunoco 94 8)

sounds like a great run

Nice upgrades....especially the stealth intake and aluminum pistons.  I'm interested in what you did to the heads with more detail.  You say they are better than the GT 40's.  How so?  Hey, not bad numbers.  You probably grinned from ear to ear after seeing the time sheet.   ;D

I can relate to the rubber band on the die grinder trigger.   ;D  I put in drywall in the new house I built, and used the drywall screws.  The two helpers I had working for me kept me hustling to keep up.  I was the screw driver guy and they held the sheet rock in place while I screwed.  Damn that is hard work.  Not only for your hands, but for your neck as well. 

make sure u have clearance btwn ur air filter and hood. itll damage the underside and will crack your paint on it when and if the hood is repainted. i have this issue. and cant figure wat part did it


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