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289 draft tube / pcv help

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I've got a 64 1/2 Mustang convertible with a 289 D code 4v.
It also has a pcv in the road draft tube assembly at the back of the manifold to the carb spacer place.
Question, does anyone know what is to be put into the basket under the tube to restrict the air and oil as it goes into the engine? My car was "born" in Dearborn, Michigan, but resides in CA. I don't know where it was sold initially, but purchased in Santa Clara County, CA in 1968.
I was able to locate a new PCV valve via ebay, but cannot find any information in the Ford shop manuals regarding this draft tube and the wire mesh used as a baffle. Can anyone shine any light on this set up?
Many thanks!

There seems to be a conflict in terminology here - the road draft tube went from the right hand breather in the valve cover down the right rear of the engine along side the transmission to vent 'near' the starter motor. A PVC systen replaced the tube setup with a valve and rubber hose from that same valve cover to the rear of the carburetor and into a fitting on the carburetor spacer. The only thing in common was they both used the same grommet at the valve cover. Inside the right hand valve cover is a baffle to 'sloshing contain' oil and direct it back into the engine. I don't know what or where any mesh material was used except as part of the road draft fitting at the valve cover.

I am also confused by terminology.  Like Jim said, the road draft tube did not hook up to the carburetor via a PCV valve and tube.  The blow-by was vented directly to the air under the car via a tube, and there was no mesh wire in the tube.  There is not any mesh wire in the tube from the PCV to the carb either.  If you have a digital camera, take some pics of what you are talking about so we can get a better mental picture of your question. 

Hi Guys,
I did have the wrong terminology regarding what I was looking for.
I do NOT have a draft tube assembly, but I do have a PCV device.
Check out this link for an illustration of both...
I also have a few pictures of what mine looks like.

I still wonder how much mesh is to be installed in the bucket that fits into the intake manifold, but I will look into the manuals of the 1962 and on V8 Fairlanes.

It looks like you have a 1963 intake manifold, which was not used on any Mustangs. What is the casting number on the front of the manifold?
To answer your original question, the 1975 Ford Car Parts book has the following part numbers listed:
- C7OZ-6A666-A (Motorcraft EV-42) - PCV valve in line with the hose and fitting.
- C2OZ-6A631-A (Motorcraft FA-58) - Element/crankcase ventilation oil separator.
- C2OZ-6A633-A - Retainer, crankcase ventilation oil separator element.
The fitting is called 'Adapter assy, Crankcase Ventilation, p/n C3DZ-6A665-B.
The remaining part numbers are for the fitting, which you have, and bulk materials and hardware. But, it appears that you are missing the PCV valve as well.


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