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A few have had success with them, but the majority during all these discussions about vendors for the last several years on other very large Mustang sites condemn them as a whole.  I have never heard one complaint from anyone regarding the service of NPD. 

Glen's right. Mustangs Unlimited has a less than desirable track record in customer service - not a bad one, just not as good as others. I've used several different suppliers with what I would call a good customer service department, NPD, Texas Mustang, Virginia Classic for a few. A friend, who lives on Long Island, uses Mustangs Unlimited (they are the closest), but has gone back to Virginia Classic and NPD.

We have kinda veered off from the original question.  Now, did you cut the front springs, or did you replace them with let's say 626's?  I have heard of guys lowering the front one or two inches with the Shelby drop and the 626 springs.   I would be surprised if those big assed 17" wheels aren't causing your tires to be rubbing like hell.  My suggestion would be to reverse what you have done, and do the Shelby drop with the new springs.  I think you will be pleased with the look, and certainly with the ride.  Here is a pic of my '65 coupe and as you can see the ground to wheel well top is 24 3/4" but I have 14" wheels. 
Go to the FAQ at the beginning of the classic section on here, and look up the wheel fitment charts I have on there and see just how big of a tire you can put on a 17" wheel. 


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