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1972 Drum Brake to Disc Brake Conversion


I have a 1972 302 V8 automatic car.  I would like to convert it to disc brakes the cheapest and most economical way possible.  Are there other ford cars that I could aquire the parts from, and what parts do I need?  I believe the car is non power brake car.


You can get Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch whole front end disk brake setups from about 1976-79, but you need to overhaul the parts and scan the junk yards for the parts, then go throughall the grease to get them off even if you can find them. If it was mine, I would take a shortcut, and replace the parts with a new  full package from Dennis Ginsberg.  This is about the cheapest and best quality parts you can get.  Call Dennis and talk to him.
If you are still interested in using used parts, here is some reading you need to do.
Granada Disk Brake Swap:

Granada Disk brake swap and Shelby drop:

Another very good Granada brake swap guide:

Drum to disk brake swap:

Granada disk brake swap: By 2bav8

are you talking the rear brakes or the front?

For front brakes the Grenada swap was the way to go years ago, but the grenada brakes are smaller than stock mustang brakes of that year.

Unlike earlier mustangs, the drum and disc brake versions in the 71-73 model use the same spindle so getting parts for your car to convert it is easier than getting the grenada parts to swap over.  Do some research and you should come up with a suitable option.

If you mean rears . . . SSBC makes a conversion for the 8" small bearing rear end in your car that should be under $650.00

There may be ways of doing it for less but there is no scuch thing as a "cheap: way of converting to disc.
I'm wrapping out a rear disc conversion on my Mach I and it has been very gnarly..
Remember everything you touch most likely has been touched since the car left the factory. That makes for some tough situations.. 40 years brake lines no longer want to move etc..

I went with  Dont' skimp on breaks!!  Don't do the junk yard stuff. Save up if you have to, you want a SAFE break system. My 2cents.


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