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1968 Seats


I recently purchased a restored 1968 Convertible. It originally had the "Luxary" interior package.

The seat in mine have headrests, and one of them needs to be replaced or at least covered to address a small tear in the corner.

I cant find any seats on the web that are 1968 with headrests. Are there any? If not, what year  seat came with headrest that would have fit the '68?

I don't know if the 1968 Mustang had a seat headrest as an option, I know the earlier model years did, so I would assume it was available. If you look at the National Parts Depot website you will find an entire headrest kit for 68-69 Mustangs under p/n 611A08-2 for $219.95 and I don't remeber seeing just a cover available. Replacing a cover or repairing one is best handled in an uphostery shop as there is no telling what years yours is and that $219.95 price is a bit steep for a 'repair'.
As to your VIN problem, Kevin Marti at Marti Auto is the final arbiter. What ever documentation he provided, keep for reference if and when you decided to sell.

Thanks 66GTKFB.
After looking at the info in the catalog, I think some one put the 1969 standard seats in the front.
The headrest kit doesnt exactly look right.
The tear is in the seat itself, not the headrest. I was looking at some seat covers until I could afford to do the job right. But I didnt want to put 1968 down for the year, if 1968 didnt have the headrest, to make sure everything fit snug.
Also, thanks for the VIN problem response. The guy at Marti Auto was the one who told me "mistakes happened". The report that he provided me wont do me much good if and when we sell, because no one would believe it was a report for this car. 

68 Mustang with Headrest was a rare option. They have dual post all though they look like the 69 headrest on the seat the 68 headrest is different. I have a set of seats in my mustang 68 that came with headrest but the sleeve's that go around the post in the top of the seats are missing. Does anyone know where to get just these sleeve's?  Part Numbers I have found below.
68 mustang stock headrest - C8AB-62611A08 Sleeve - C8AB-54610A16 (headrest guide rod) Bracket - C8ZB-65610B10-1 (headrest mounting assembly)   


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