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1968 Mustang exhaust leak

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I have a 68 Mustang Convertible.  Every time we go for a drive in it we smell like exhaust fumes.  I have had the donuts replaced and can find no exhaust leaks.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is.  My wife will not ride in the car and that is a problem.

well after all  you are in a  how is you exhuast routed? out the side or back. I thought the smell what is driving a classic is all about.
 By the way welcome to the site. lets see you stang

If there is no leak you see maybe the smell is because the carburator is not good. Is the smoke black?

No black smoke and the car runs great.  A little sluggish in the morning but good.  What would I need to do to the carb to fix the problem if that were it?

The exhaust is routed out the back.  Dual exhaust and sounds good.  I tried classic car smell line on  my wife several months ago and it fell on deaf ears.  I have wondered before if there were some kind of back draft or something causing the exhaust to enter the cab.  A crazy idea but that is where I am with this.  There are a couple of openings in the firewall. Even without an exhaust leak, could this be the problem?  
Thanks for the help.


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