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1968 GT tachometer & clock

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I'm new to your forum so please forgive me any early blunders.

I've just bought my first 1968 390 GT fastback and have a couple of wiring issues. Firstly the tachography wires have been snipped under the bonnet anybody know where they should connect up to?

Secondly the dashboard clock does not work - I understand this is quite common - any ideas where I might source a replacement or compatible inners.

Finally, the water temp did not work so I have fitted a new sender. Now the dial takes ages to move off the 'c' - do I need a new thermostat?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Jerry Baker:
I cant help with alot of the problems but here are some websites for the cloack problem

try them

Thanks Godfather - I've emailed them to see if they will allow me to ship it over from the UK.

I got to the bottom of the tachometer problem, it needed to be wired in series before the coil and now revs like a baby - god knows why it had been disconnected...perhaps I'll find out in time.

Thanks again for the links.

Jerry Baker:
Glad I could help.

What part of UK you from if you dont mind me asking I so wish to visit the england and Scotland some day.

Oh and from all of us in America Welcome to the Forum and the club here.

axpak69: They'll mail you a free catalog, and they have EVERYTHING. At least from what i know - but honestly i dont know much :)


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