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1968 fastback front end metal


I'm resurrecting a 68 fast back that I saved from the crusher.  Does anyone have some experience in replacing the entire front end of a car?  new framrails, firewall, dash, core support, upper and lower cowl. any help would be greatly appreciated

I have a 70 mach1 that i had to replace most of the front end on. i just started with one side of the car and worked around the front and down the other side.  take alot of measurements and notes, shock towers and fender aprons lean out of the engine bay a little so you need to find angles. i installed the shock tower brace that goes to the firewall to help with the shock tower placement. also do alot of tack welding before you finish weld, you dont want to have to cut out a new piece and redo. the body shop i had my car painted at also does frame alignments they gave me a printed drawing of all the measurements of the front end and the points to measure from, so you might want to google this or find a friendly frame shop.        good luck   and nice job saving it.  i am trying to send a couple of pictures of mine hopefully they come thru and help


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