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1967 Suspension question

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I am redoing a 1967 convertible w/ 289 and need to know the best place to have coils and leafs built or bought. Is there a certain rating or specs I should be looking for? Also the rear end is sagging I want the level up the car.

Who do I go to that has good products and is reasonable?

I leave in Oregon

Thanks,  Jeff

There are two ways to go on rear springs, re-arced and new. Re-arced springs don't keep their shape for very long, so new ones are a better bet. I got mine at Mustangs Plus in Stockton, CA. and was satisfied. If you are making an attempt to remain stock, re-use the smallest leaf on the new spring as it has the Ford part number stamped into the metal. Front spring usually don't need to be replaced but if you want to, Mustangs Plus again. Front springs replacement usually entails replacing the upper A-arm shafts, upper spring rubber insulator, upper ball joint, spring saddle and lower arm (it has the ball joint included) leaving only steering to do either at the same time of later.

Hey 66GTKFB (Jim) Thanks for the help answering my question about replacing the front and rear springs on my 1967 convertible.

Merry Christmas !


Anytime. Although my preference is for 65 and 66 Fastbacks (I got one of each left), I helped a friend restore a 67 Fastback a couple of years back so I've been thru that body style as well. The proof is in the judging. He got a gold at the MCA car show in Concord, CA.

Jim tends to get a big head when he is complimented, so watch it.  He's from California, ya know?   ::)
Actually, Jim is a pretty fart smeller...err..Smart feller.   ;D


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