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1966 pitman arm

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hi all,

can anyone tell me if the 1966 V8 pitman arm is the same for power or manual steer? I'm pretty sure they are but the center link is different for power steer.

I'm going to take off my quick steer kit and go back to stock and i cannot find my original pitman arm anywhere!


 The pitman arm is the same for standard and power steering for V-8 engines only. There are two different ones for 6 cylinder engines (with and without P/S) and will not work on V-8 cars. The marking on the arm is C4ZA-3590-A. It was used on early 67 cars with P/S as well.

is the quick steer stuff in good shape? i might be interested in it

thanks Jim...fountain of information as always!

rmodel, i wouldnt sell it to you. I think they are a great idea for track only but they cause ackerman angle issues. The shelby ones were designed to reduce a 21:1 (or so) steering box down to 19:1. I already have 16:1 box. So the initial response is great.

I had a roller idler arm and this has worn prematurely (around 2000miles). I dont knoiw why just yet. either way, I'm gunna consign the lot to the hall of fame in my shed (along with the broken pistons, bent valves, destroyed brake parts and the infamous air cleaner bolt that my cleveland ate.)

Anytime Ben,


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