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1966 Mustang- remove pushrod from master cylinder?


How do you remove the pushrod from the master cylinder? I understand that I need to use it when changing from single mc (from 66) to dual mc (from 67).

It is difficult to do without the 'proper' tool. The 'proper' tool is difficult to locate. Without the 'proper' tool, something gets destroyed.
A 65 brake push rod is a lot easier (hint).

They make a special tool to remove the clip. You can try to use needle nose pliers  to collapse it enough to get a small screwdriver in between the master cylinder and the clip and then snap it out. If you contact Snap-on, and explain the exact problem, they can probably send you the correct tool to do it.  But, like Jim said.  The 65 rod just pushes right in without a retaining ring. 


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