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1966 Mustang overheating

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Bill Reeves:
My Mustang ran hot because I set the timing before the car was properly warmed up, so when it did warm up, the timing was too high.

If you don't have a fan shroud get on it will lower the temp dramatically. Have you replaced your radiator cap or tested it? If not take it down to the auto-part store have them text it with their pump tool if its not to spec replace if its stock replace. Mine was off 2 lbs on a mustang in had changed made big difference. If you can get some block checker from the auto part store a Prestone flush kit a hose to fit in the elbow and some radiator coolant full strength. This will help you to end the problem. When you get home flush the system like it says if its gunky bad get a hose to hose swivle adaptor from homedepot an a 1/2"male mip x 3/8" bushing a y hose hose fitting a half fip to hose fitting and a male air chuck fitting you most likely have a compressor this will help when flushing you will have a y hooked to the fitting the kit has with a garden hose hook to one part of the y and a homemade air to hose fitting. This will make it so your system gets power flushed. You take your Prestone fitting with to make sure you get the right stuff from homedepot. After all this flush system fill let idol in driveway. Then see what happens then if still no go check car with block check. If its bad hopefully it's just a bad head gasket. Oh forgot to state you change the thermostat with a 180. Or even higher if you want hotter in winter 195. Also check below for where its leaking from ex freez plugs can happen. Or could be upper or lower radiator hoses. Make sure not over tighten otherwise can make hose out of round on the tightened end. You can touch around these to check.


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