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1966 Mustang Conv L6 Sprint 200- Carburetor identification


1966 Mustang Conv L6 Sprint 200. I'd like to rebuild my carburetor, as it has not been serviced for several years. First I need to know what model it is. My carb photos are below. I'd appreciate it if anyone could identify it. Also, any recommendation on what rebuild kit to buy? Or any tips/advice on the process. Let me know if any other information is needed.

Below is an upside down photo showing the metal tag. I can't make it out for sure, but I think it's...

6 M 1 7

I'll check the actual tag in the morning.

It's a single barrel Motorcraft carb. Pony carbs  has a new reproduction of the Autolite 1100-1v. I'd say at this time this is about as top of the line as it gets. On the outside it looks just like the original but they improved the internals. They ain't cheap, but it's worth it if it performs as well as they say. National Parts Depot also lists them in their latest catalog I have noticed.

The sixes never did idle worth a darned because of the badly designed intake manifold. The outer most cylinders couldn't get a decent air/fuel mixture compared to the cylinders that were closer to the carb inlet. If this was my engine I'd get the best carb available because of the poor intake. It needs all the help it can get.
If you want to rebuild it yourself, just go to autozone and get a kit for a 1100 IV Motorcraft carb.   

The carburetor you have is a 1970 Ford Service replacement. It is not the exact type that your car came with from the factory as the carburetor body changed internally and externally for the 1970 model. The correct part number for your car is C5OF-9510-Z (short number C5OF-Z) or C6OF-9510-G (short number C6OF-G) for a California smog car. Both numbers are for automatic transmissions. Most rebuild kits have multiple gaskets to cover the range of carburetor types. You may seek out a correct type at an auto parts store by looking at the body casting date.


Tag on carb: Motorcraft DOPF K 6M17
Top of carb: 683?6652 & A7
Rear of carb: DOPF 9510 K 4529 1 3516
Driv.side of carb: 34R-5008B & A-6
Pass.side of carb: Motorcraft & B-7


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