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1966 5.0 L swap trouble

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Me and my brother finished building a '81 5.0 engine up for our 66 and finally got it sitting in the bay.  Weve got full length headers that we can see will obviously not fit.  Will any full length headers fit or will we have to pick up some shortys? Either way, which does everyone recomend? Thanks  a lot.

The 5.0 is too big of an engine to put in a 66 and expect to add long tube headers.  They just don't fit in that tiny compartment.  You might try to use some shorties, but I doubt they will fit either.  Welcome to to the site.  Glad to have you here. 

The 302 = 5.0liter will fit it the same block as many 289. What are the header hitting the Z-bar or something else? Tri y header long tube should fit. There should be other makes of header too. I know Hedman makes a long tube header to fit. Take a look at Summit Race.

We've got full length Flowtech headers from Summit, part BIG-12102FLT .  They say they'll fit '64-'70 with a 5.0, but not with a c-6 trans.  We're using an AOD tranny, which doesnt seem like there would be any problems with that.  The area we're running into clearance issues is the inside of the strut tower.  We havent put in a HUGE effort to put them in, the just really dont look like they'll work.   On my last '66 Mustang we put some full length Hedman headers on the 289, so we're just at a loss at what we need or need to do. Thanks everyone for the welcome and responses!

You may have to chink out some of the headers to make them work,  but they were not intended to fit in that tiny space.  I know.  I'm an old fuddy duddy, but maybe you could try some shorties.  Long tubes will fit if you massage the engine bay and shock towers, but that's a lot of trouble and expense. 


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