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Hi all,
 what type of gas should I put in my new purchase. I want it to last and thought I would make sure I start right. Car is in great shape. Let me know your thoughts. Someone told me that some classic cars ask for lead?

Let me know please

There are several trains of thought that may or may not make sense to you.
First: you have enough build up of lead from the leaded gas on the valves to last for the life of your car.
Second: if you don't race, drive in excess of 70mph constantly or tow a trailer, un-leaded gas is fine.
Third: if and when you get your engine rebuilt (or simply get a valve job), insist on valve seats that are compatible with unleaded gas (You may find that the propper type is the only type available).
Fourth: 87 octane works fine although you may need to retard your timing a bit. I use 87 in all my cars with no problems.
Fifth: enjoy your car.

Once again thanks for the response. Your a man with alot of know how. I am sure I will shoot lots of questions while I get used to my new ride.

I have a stock 65 289, and I burn the cheapest gas I can buy.  However, I do use a lead substitute.  I have no proof that it helps to keep my valves from burning, but so far they haven't.  A pint of lead substiture lasts for maybe a year, so you don't use that much.  Leaded gas has not been around for maybe 25 years, so I doubt seriously that lead on the valves had been built up to the point to where the lead is still there.  Afterall, the reason for putting in lead in gas at the time was not to cushion the valve seats, but to add to the octane rating of the gasoline.  A lead substitute costs virtually nothing, and cannot hurt.  It may  even help.  Who knows? 

Thanks all. I will be one of those guys who asks alot of questions. I just got my car and drove it from montana to canada. 4 hrs and wow it was cool. A lot of people looking and it sounds great. Never had a manual car before and I can totally understand why we have power. LOL! Looking forward to start working on my classic 65.

I am sure I will have lots of questions and be able to reply to others in the future.

Keep answering replys.



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