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1965 Coupe cooling problem


My cooling fan is not turn off after I shut the car off.  It ran for a few hours and killed the battery.  I unplugged the battery and discovered that the cooling fan comes on again only after I start to connect the (-) battery wire. 

Any help would be appreciated.


How is your fan wired?  Is there a relay in the circuit?  If so, check that to make sure it is opening and closing properly.  Also be sure that the fan thermostat is working correctly .

Thank you for the reply.  Turns out there was a switch installed to control the power of the cooling fan.  I must have turned it on while cleaning the car.  I feel silly, but glad I figured it out.

I'm glad you found the problem. 

You should NEVER feel silly when you solve a problem.  Always remember - the definition of "experience" is "the ability to recognize a mistake when you make it again"  :D


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