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17'' wheels on 65


I want to put 17'' wheels on my 1965 mustang but I cannot decide what size and backspacing is the best fit. Should I go with 17x8 4.5bs on all four with 225/45/17 tires, someone told me that 17x8 on front doesn't fit 1965-1966 very well and 17x7 is a perfect fit. OR should I get 17x7 front 4.0''bs and 215/45/17 tires and 17x8 4.5''bs in back with 225/45/17 tires? I plan on lowering 1'' all the way around, I would like to run a 235/45/17 tire back and a 225/45/17 tire in front but I don't want rubbing and I don't want to roll fenders. I want to buy charcoal TT style wheels from, are these wheels good quality, has anyone bought from them?

rmodel65: has a great list of what fits with and without mods......


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