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15" American racing torq thrust wheels


Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked once or twice before. can I use American racing torq thrust 215/60/15 and 235/60/15 on 66 coupe with no mods in order to replace current 195/70/14 on style steel wheels. Love the stock look, but would like to have the option of a sportier look. These wheels and tire package I'm looking at are part w20 from cjponyparts. Also would this wheel package give it a noticible wider bigger look? Thanks

Those are the exact same tires I have on my '65 right now.  My car sits lower than most and I'm having some front tire rub issues.  I'm going to down size the fronts to 205s and also roll my fenders some.  The rears will have some rubbing on the parking brake and you will most likely need to tie it up and away from the rear tires.

Also, I have 15's from a 90's Mustang GT and I do have some back spacing issues and had to put washers on the wheels to get it to the painters (I'm not driving it, it was hauled and just going to be pushed around) with the top of the front spindle A-frame rubbing the wheel/tires. 

So, if you tell CJ you want the same back spacing as stock 15x7 Magnum 500s you should be OK with those tires/wheels, however, check your ride height compared to mine as you may have some tire rub problem (when turning and hitting a bump).  If yours sits low I'd go with a 65 or 70 series front.  My link to my Mustang page is down below my avatar.

So a 65 or 70 series will have less height?

No, less width.  Here's a good link for a tire size website.
It shows you what happens to the height and width when you start changing numbers.  By dropping to 205s by fronts will be 1/2" less dia. and also 1/4" in width.  If I went to 195/65/15s my height is almost the same but the new size would be less in width.


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