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10.5:1 Compression in a '73 351C


Would it be safe to put a 10.5:1 Compression in my 351C. To run regular gas, if not how about premium. I have seen kits for the 10.5:1, it says that is calculated bored .030 over, so if mine is the stock size, that would lower the compression just a little bit right?

you should have no problem with fuel untill you really modifi it, does yous use reguler LEADED gas like mine?

you dont need to go to lower compression unless you add a 6:71 blower. Correct me if Im wrong anyone. but you will loose torque which the cleveland is known for..

Whoa, do not run regular gas with 10.5.1 period. My mustang came with 4 bbl closed chamber (boss) heads and the compression would be 10.5.1 and the machine shop said that youll break pistons if you did it long enough. You'll have to run on octanes higher than 96 or 97 im pretty sure. This is what happened to me and i had to buy lower compression (open chamber) heads.


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